Last year I attended a very special event in Cancun, Mexico at an advanced seminar with Dr. Joe Dispenza, a brilliant neuroscientist, noted author, and inspirational speaker.  Dr. Joe is a pioneer in the complex task of bridging science and metaphysics. He is also a compassionate, loving, and wise teacher. When people attend one of his 7 day seminars many healings take place of an extraordinary nature. I have personally witnessed them myself. While I learned some time ago that the Healer is Within each of us, my participation at such a event, with over a thousand people at once showed me the dynamic healing potential of connecting to the Quantum field.. or in simpler terms…connecting with Spirit.
Realizing the ability of a group of people to raise their vibration high enough to collectively help others heal was a humbling and beautiful experience. Once you have observed such healings… your own life changes in profound, beautiful, and unexpected ways.
Something happened to me during one of the many meditations I participated in which transported me in such a way that I experienced another dimension. It gave me deep insights into creation.
I discovered how the stars were created!
During one of Dr. Joe’s meditations called Time Space-Space Time, I felt myself transported with giant black birds flying steadily upward as peaceful music lifted my soul. Each bird was as large as an enormous airplane! There were millions of them and they all flew in the same direction advancing higher and higher carrying me with them. Eventually and slowly, each bird merged with the one next to it till there was a gradual darkness, quiet, and mysterious.

Then in one instant each giant bird dropped their bright eyes and became the stars illuminating the darkness all around! It was truly wonderous. 
I felt exhilarated to witness it.
When the mediation was over I was in a state of awe and speechless. There were no words to convey
the experience of what I had witnessed and understood to be the “origins of the stars”.  I knew it was a more of a spiritual discovery rather than a scientific explanation, but I felt privileged to witness it.
At one point later on, I understood something about this experience that I didn’t realize at the time. This encounter with the divine reinforced within me the knowledge that no matter how dark we experience life’s challenges…there is always a light within each of us to guide us through the unknown. The stars were created to remind us.
Amnesia of the soul is part of the human experience.
Knowing the stars are shining for me helps me access my own inner light, wisdom, and most importantly divine love.