Meet Betsey

I am a homeopathic educator and have been studying homeopathy for over 30 years. I love to introduce people to the gentle, effective, and long lasting effects of using homeopathy. For fifteen years, I was a homeopathic research assistant to a Naturopathic doctor, where I acquired an extensive understanding of nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy.

As a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, I was introduced to and studied the work of Dr Andre Saine, one of the foremost teachers and practitioners of homeopathy in the world.

My experience and philosophy of healthy eating… 

I am a co- author of four vegetarian cookbooks, a former chef, food critic, and in 1977 co-founder of one of the top vegetarian restaurants in the country. Through the years I have traveled in Europe, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Caribbean, Canada, Greece, India, and Turkey. I have a wealth of food preparation knowledge, which was inspired by the regional, cultural, and ethnic diversity of each country’s cuisine.

I also forage wild foods and I seek food choices that represent diverse flavors and good quality ethnic and seasonal cuisines with dishes drawn from many culinary traditions from around the world. Eating healthy for me means eating fresh, keeping it simple, and supporting local and or organic farmers while avoiding as much GMO processed food as possible.

With so many children facing food allergies and special needs finding the right food choices can be daunting but not impossible. Healthy food choices are essential for nourishment, weight management, growth, vitality, health, and “good eats.” So if you also want quick, simple, and healthy meal plans that are easy to prepare and save you time and money..I can help you too.

Not sure where this should go yet..I am currently co-producing a documentary on Tai chi, The Healing Mind In Motion about the power of tai chi and the energetic healing powers of the body.

Are You Looking for a Holistic Modality that Treats the Whole Person?

Do You Want to Create Optimal Health for Yourself and Your Family Without the Dangerous Side-Effects of Drugs?

Meet Betsey Beaven


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