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I am a homeopathic educator and have been studying homeopathy for over 30 years. I love to introduce people to the gentle, effective, and long-lasting effects of using homeopathy. For fifteen years, I was a homeopathic research assistant to a Naturopathic doctor, where I acquired an extensive understanding of nutrition, herbs, and homeopathy. As a member of the National Center for Homeopathy, I was introduced to and studied the work of Dr. Andre Saine, one of the foremost teachers and practitioners of homeopathy in the world.



Homeopathic Educational Consultations For Individuals

$149.00 for the initial consult. ( 1hr and 30 mins)

$60.00 for follow up consult. (35-45 mins)

$75.00 on how to use a homeopathic kit. (1 hour)

Consultation via Skype is also available.


Are you looking for a holistic modality that treats the whole person?

Do you want to create optimal health for yourself and your family without the dangerous side-effects of drugs?

Homeopathy is a safe, effective and inexpensive therapeutics that has helped millions of people all over the world improve the quality of their lives for over 200 years.


Homeopathic medicine is a practice based on the philosophy that the human body has a natural capacity to heal itself and that the symptoms of the illness are a sign that the body’s built-in defenses are at work restoring health.

Please take a look at my documentary….

The Healing Mind-Meditation in Motion...

About the film

You’ve seen them, groups of practitioners in your local park, and were fascinated by the beauty of their elegant, slow and graceful movements – performed in near perfect unison. But, did you know that you were watching a martial arts form that is also a meditation, a form of therapy for the mind and body?

Tai Chi and Qi gong are centuries old martial art forms. Documentary short The Healing Mind – Meditation in Motion (a production of Vital Ingredients Pictures and Blue Umbrella Entertainment), explores how the practice of these ancient forms of movement with their focus on mindfulness are helping seriously ill patients, with particular benefit for many of the side effects associated with Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Cancer treatments.

Now, western medicine is catching on to the lasting benefits of patients who choose Tai Chi and Qi Gong as an integral part of their therapy plans.  Check our the trailer below.


Empower my clients towards self-sufficiency with their health.


Follow up often and with close attention.


Learn how to apply self-healing principles.


Teach my clients how to use a homeopathic kit to treat their whole family.


Provide same day acute care quickly and efficiently.


Create a healing environment for children.

From My Clients

When I went to Betsey I was suffering from lifelong chronic migraines. These migraines affected almost every aspect of my life and greatly limited me in pursuing my goals of obtaining a health science degree. My condition had weakened me so much that I began considering extremes such as an experimental surgery to remove nerves, but instead  settled for daily medications and once-a-month Botox treatments  to treat my migraines.

But after working with Betsey, for the first time since I was 8 years old, I am headache free and enjoying life again! I look forward to many more years of being pain free and living life to the fullest.

Charlotte Sawyer

Bachelor's of Health Science Degree, Student of Environmental Health

When I met Betsey, I was suffering from fibromyalgia for 18 years, which means terrible pain for 7 days and 24 hours with my body. Headache, throat ache, teeth ache, increasing pain around my whole body, numbing hands and feet, restlessness and flu like symptoms. I was very sick, very tired, emotionally very unhappy and upset.  At one point I was suffering so much I considered assisted suicide as I was tired of my sick and painful body.

Over the years, I tried yoga, acupuncture, massage and many alternative solutions…… then eventually started to take morphine, anti epileptic and anti depressor, to make my brain asleep permanently but I was still suffering. Nothing helped me!

One day my lovely daughter talked to me about Betsey. My answer was a big ‘NO’. I was tired of having hopes and disappointments. But thanks to my daughter, she took me to Betsey anyway.  Betsey’s knowledge, patience and tenderness helped me to get rid of all drugs in 9 months. Unbelievable success…..I am physically and emotionally healthy and now don’t use any

Thank you Betsey. I owe my life to you.

Gungor Buzot

Pharmacist, Paris, France

Once Betsey found my 4 year old son’s constitutional remedy, his life changed along with my own. He went from a stubborn, angry, uncontrollable, tantrum throwing wild boy to a calm, relaxed, centered and focused boy. I don’t know how exactly homeopathy works, but I do know our home went from a very disruptive, stressful home to a happy home. He is now 8 and has done amazingly well at school and he couldn’t have done it without his remedy. I can’t thank her enough!!

Meagan Grasso

Business Owner, Rae of Light Wellness, Georgtown, MA

Betsey is a very clear presenter and teacher of homeopathy.    Her stories that she uses to
illustrate the effectiveness of homeopathy are amazing and they make it easy to share with
another person.  These stories reflect the depth and practical wisdom that she offers to each
person she works with.  What a blessing she is!!!

Cindy Mattingly

Blogger, Healing Way Center, Andover, MA


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